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online transfer rate calculator
Calculate transfer rate based on network  delay & more



About this tool

Client link speed 10 mbps | 100 mbps | 1000 mbps | Unlimited
Server link speed 10 mbps | 100 mbps | 1000 mbps | Unlimited
WAN speed Mbps – leave blank if no wan between client and server
Application FTP
File size to transfer MB (Mega Byes)
RTR delay ms – the round trip delay (time that takes a packet to travel from client to server and back
Distance KM – effects round trip delay
Time between 2 packets delay ms – the delay of the server or client between 2 continues packets
MTU Bytes – path MTU
Packet headers Bytes
TCP Window size Bytes (65536=64KB)
Packets count per acknowledge Packets (45 packets * 1460 Bytes of data = 65700 bytes (64K window size)

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