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Config generator

Config Generator v1.9
Generate configuration files
for Cisco, Juniper and Nortel (Avaya) switches



About this tool

This Online tool helps you to configure Juniper, Nortel and Cisco switches
It’s a totally free tool
You just need to enter the info about the things you want to configure and click ‘GO’
The Online tool will generate the configuration automaticly
it’s can also use to learn switches commands

I am still working to add more options to config..
Let me know for any feature that you need and i will add it.
(if i will find it usefull for others 🙂 )

Here you can configure:
Cisco, Nortel, Juniper, Hostname, IP address,
Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Routing enabled,
Managment Vlan, stack, Interfaces Name, Description,
Speed (auto / 10 / 100 / 1000 / 10000),
Duplex (auto / full / half), Vlans No.,
Vlan Tagging (802.1q), Native Vlan No.(PVID at Nortel),
Spanning tree,Port mode( normal / portfast ),Spanning tree Mode,
Bridge priority,vlans Name,valns Ip address, vlans Subnet Mask,
Redundancy, VRRP/HSRP, Priorety, preemption


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